We all have, at one point, drank bottled or tap water, but do we really know what we are consuming? Here is what you should know about these drinking water options!

Bottled Water

Bottled Water Quality is unregulated. In a recent study by German researchers, nearly 25,000 chemicals were found lurking in a single bottle of water. Many of these chemicals mimic the effects of potent pharmaceuticals inside your body. Researchers were shocked to learn that most of the bottled waters revealed interference with both kinds of hormone receptors; consuming as little as 0.1 of an ounce inhibited estrogenic activity by 60% and androgenic activity by 90%. 

Tap Water

Tap water is not recommended for drinking! Tap water is acidic and chemically treated lifeless water that contains many contaminants including sulfuric, nitric, hydrofluorosilicic, haloacetic, hypochlorous, and hydrochloric acids; fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine/chloramine, disinfectant by-products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Natural drinking water by design must have mineral content. By removing minerals, water becomes acidic and aggressive, meaning it will seek to replace the ions (minerals) removed. In turn, your body will leach electrolytes and minerals from tissue and bone in order to neutralize the acids in the water you are drinking.

Clean, healthy drinking water should not be pure H2O; in fact, waters with the most epicurean interest are free of unnatural acids and contain bicarbonate salts, chloride, and ortho-silicic acid.