PristineHydro innovative Water Revival Technology ensures that your child is getting good water for bathing and drinking. In PristineHydro Water Revival harmful liquids and gases pass-through Reverse Osmosis Membranes ending up in the product water you drink.

Bath Time with PristineHydro Water Revival Technology

It’s time to get your little ones ready for bed and that means bath time! We all want to make sure we take care of our children and their soft, sensitive skin, but did you know that bathing your child in municipal tap water can have negative effects on their health?!  PristineHydro innovative Water Revival Technology is the best solution which provide a nice bath to your child and reduce various harmful component from water.

Why Bathe Your Children in Tap Water?

Believe it!  The water that comes from your bathtub and shower spouts is raw tap water. As hot water steams, the disinfection by-products and chemicals, often contained in tap water, evaporate and become inhalable. The amount of chlorine absorbed by the body through skin in a 10-minute shower can equal about two gallons of tap water consumption. Extended emersion (e.g bathing) in chlorinated tap water is not a healthy thing to do to the human body, yet it is estimated that 80% of people in the US shower and/or bathe in tap water. Not to mention, it can cause irritation to your child’s delicate skin!

Better Bathing for Your Family

No need to fear! Give your child a nice bath or shower without worrying about the negative effects of chlorinated municipal tap water.

Our shower filter will reduce chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, lime, calcium, disinfectant by-products, and more, helping to protect your baby’s skin, hair, and health!

What About Drinking Water?

There can be a variety of short term and long term health problems due to chemical exposure through raw tap water. As per report of WHO, Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces.
Don’t forget, allowing your child to consume raw tap water can have negative effects on their health as well! If tap water is not good for your child’s skin, ingesting it could even be worse! Tap water is acidic, chemically treated water and the last thing we want is to provide it for our children’s consumption.

“Cancer risks among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” Dr. J.M. Price MD.

We Already Have the Best Solution

PristineHydro’s innovative Water Revival Technology has revolutionized the process of producing mineral-infused water. Our proprietary water filtration + restoration process marks a milestone in water technology. It forms the basis of the first, and only, Water Revival System. Using our unique 10-stage process, it not only removes unwanted contaminants and bad acids but also properly remineralizes your water.


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