The Minerals: 

Magnesium Bicarbonate are materials found in our environment; in soil, foods grown from the ground and different food varieties, and are crucial for the working of numerous substantial processes. Based on their necessities in the body, minerals might be classed as macrominerals or microminerals. The macrominerals that have everyday necessities normally more prominent than 100mg each day incorporate calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride. Microminerals, otherwise called minor elements, incorporate iron, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, iodine, manganese, molybdenum and boron, and have day by day prerequisites going from under 1 mg to 100mg per day.

The climate is getting more sultry however that doesn’t mean we will stop our bustling lives. From working out to simply getting the entirety of our every day assignments done, we can lose fundamental minerals for the duration of the day.

Importance Of Minerals to Human Health:

In the body, minerals are vital for many processes including:

  • muscle contraction
  • blood clotting
  • enzyme activation
  • protein and collagen synthesis
  • nerve transmission, pH regulation
  • electrolyte and water regulation
  • insulin signalling, immune function
  • hormone synthesis, oxygen transportation
  • cellular growth
  • cofactors in enzyme systems
  • structural components of bone and teeth.

Factors that Affect the Absorption of Minerals:

We additionally need to ensure that you are getting the best quality magnesium. We suggest magnesium bicarbonate since it is the most regular and viable way for your body to assimilate magnesium the manner in which nature expected!

Many people are lacking in minerals, specifically iron and calcium. This might be because of helpless dietary intake, just as cultivating and rural techniques, including the utilization of composts, which influence the mineral equilibrium of the dirt, and thus the food we consume. Minerals can’t be endogenously incorporated by the body; they should be devoured through the eating regimen, and a few people might encounter mineral malabsorption.

One of the most well-known ways we lose fundamental minerals is through perspiring and among the minerals lost, is the exceedingly significant magnesium! Magnesium is the fourth most bountiful mineral in the human body and is fundamental for acceptable wellbeing. Indeed, even without exorbitant perspiring, our body’s magnesium saves should be renewed every day. 

According to Mt. Sinai, 90% of Americans are magnesium deficient!

Food Sources of Minerals:

  • Iron: almonds, apricots, avocado, oysters, parsley, pine nuts, soybeans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, poultry and red meat, organ meats, yeast.
  • Calcium: almonds, broccoli, buckwheat, fair products, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, molasses, sardines, soybeans, turnips.
  • Zinc: beef, brewer’s yeast, capsicum, egg yolks, ginger, herrings, liver, dairy milk, lamb, oysters, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, seafood, wholegrains, yeast.
  • Magnesium: almonds, barley, brewer’s yeast, cashews, cocoa, cod, lima beans, figs, mineral water, molasses, parsnips, soy beans, wholegrain cereals, kelp, eggs, seeds.
  • Phosphorus: almonds, beef, cashews, cheese, chicken, chickpeas, eggs, garlic, milk, nuts, offal, salmon, sardines, seed grains, sesame, soy beans, tuna.
  • Potassium: all vegetables, apricots, avocado, banana, citrus fruit, dates, herring, milk, nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans), parsley, potato, raisins, sardines, sunflower seeds.
  • Copper: almonds, avocado, beans, broccoli, buckwheat, crab, lamb, mushrooms, oysters, pecans, perch, pork, prunes, sunflower seeds, wholegrain cereals.
  • Selenium: alfalfa, barley, broccoli, brazil nuts, butter, cashews, celery, eggs, fish, garlic, mackerel, oysters, peanuts, selene-yeasts, tuna, wholegrain cereals, yeast, organ meats, onion, turnip.
  • Iodine: asparagus, cod, dairy products, garlic, iodised salt, lima beans, mushrooms, oysters, sunflower seeds.
  • Chromium: asparagus, apples. brewer’s yeast, cheese, egg yolk, liver, lobster, molasses, mushrooms, nuts, oysters, peanuts. potato, prunes, shrimp, wheat, yeast.

Get the Best Magnesium Diluted Water : 

There are more than 10 types of magnesium being promoted to the ignorant public as wholesome enhancements. For instance, Magnesium Chloride is frequently guaranteed off as a bioavailable type of magnesium. At the point when you put Magnesium Chloride on your skin, the chloride can cause consuming as well as weighty shivering sensations, both are bad signs. 

Get the most regular type of magnesium: magnesium bicarbonate; it’s what’s in the unrivaled unique Electrolyte Balance®. Our exclusive recipe was made after nature’s plan and conveys ideal magnesium assimilation to the body. 

Consume straight or weaken 1-2 tsp arrangement with 16 oz of chilled PristineHydro water!