Pristine Hydro Under Counter Filtration System


Our Under-Counter Water Revival System will provide you with the best quality water on-demand for you and your family, right from the comfort of your own home.

All PristineHydro Water Revival Systems produce the same quality water that is 100% free of all undesirable acids and contaminants. 

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• Step-by-Step Installation Manual
• Proudly made in the USA
• Approximately one year until first filter change
• Precision OVERSIZED water saver filters
• Pentair encapsulated membrane for easy replacement
• Aquatec Permeate-Pump enhances system performance
• John Guest quick connect fittings with locking clips
• Quality installation kit includes chrome finished ceramic disk faucet
• Water storage tank holds up to 3.2 gallons @ 7 psi
• TDS meter to check water quality and monitor filter-life
• Requires plumber or handyman installation

Filter Assembly: H 18.5″ x W 16″ x D 7″
Water Storage Tank Assembly: H 16″ x D 11″

The Pentair encapsulated 75 gpd rated high volume High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membranes has a waste to recovery rate of 1:1, which means that for every one gallon of water that is made, one gallon goes down the drain. Most reverse osmosis systems have a waste to recovery rate of five to one, which means that for every gallon made five go down the drain.

Many people like to change filters pro-actively in order to maintain high system performance, rather than waiting for degradation. In that case, we suggest changing the 5 Micron, KDF + Carbon every 12 months and the Deionization filters every 24 months, depending on usage and the TDS of the source water. The High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Remineralization cartridge (which includes the Coconut Carbon stage) should be changed every 36 months, again, it depends on usage and the TDS of the source water.

All of our PristineHydro™ Revival Systems have a Flush Valve, which dramatically extends the life of the High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Once a month (depending on usage, more often if you are making a lot of water) open the Flush Valve for 2-3 minutes while the unit is making water. When you open the Flush Valve you should hear a flushing sound, this flushes out deposits in the membrane.