Water should do more than quench your thirst – it should facilitate your body’s amazing natural healing abilities. PristineHydro is the only complete water filtration system which provides you with the best water for you. At Pristine Revival we provide products for the best drinking water from PristineHydro. Our top selling products which are consistently popular are below –

  • Electrolyte Balance
  • Water Revival Travel System
  • Under-Counter Water Revival System

PristineHydro water revival systems eliminate 100% of undesirable acids and contaminants, while producing drinking water containing essential beneficial ions (electrolytes) such as bicarbonate salts, chloride, and silicic acid. Our evolved 10-Stage Complete Filtration + Restoration process revives water to its original unspoiled condition, the way nature intended it to be

Water is the most important component of your health

Staying hydrated is very important for us and there are many health benefits of drinking plenty of pure water. Pure water improves your physical performance, increases your energy levels and brain function. Many times it prevents and treats headaches and relieves constipation, removing kidney stones and many more benefits.
Don’t skimp on water quality because this is the most important component for your health, as there is 60% water in the human body. Invest in a one-of-a-kind system that quenches your thirst, heals from within, and lets you FEEL the difference. From production to consumption, we need to change the way water impacts our planet and ultimately our health. This is your chance!

PristineHydro – Water solutions

Tap Water is not recommended for drinking, this lifeless water contains many contaminants. Bottled water is also harmful because as per recent studies there are over 24,500 chemicals available in the plastic water bottles and these are very harmful to the environment and human.

PristineHydro sets a new standard for alkaline water and it’s Reverse Osmosis Membranes provides you with the best water for drink without contaminants.

You no longer have to compromise your drinking water quality when traveling abroad. PRISTINE REVIVAL introduces the Under-Counter Water Revival System which provides you with the best quality water on-demand for you and your family, right from the comfort of your own home.

Portable Water Revival System from PRISTINE REVIVAL ensures you will be drinking the best quality water anywhere you go.Your Under-Counter system comes with a detailed step-by-step Installation Manual, complete with pictures and diagrams but we do not recommend self-installation. PristineHydro Under-Counter system is designed to be installed by a licensed professional plumber.

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